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Patient Care Technicians

A patient care technician is the first responder when a patient needs direct intervention. A patient care tech is trained in basic anatomy and physiology, medical theory and clinical practice.

He or she is trained to recognize when symptoms require more expert examination and diagnosis.

As the person who has the most interaction with a patient, these intermediaries track a patient’s condition and status on a regular basis, reporting progress and the patient’s comfort level, while keeping the patient comfortable.

Attention to detail is a patient care technician’s most valued attribute.

A patient care tech visits the bedside regularly, checking on progress and making professional assessments to inform nurses and physicians of a patient’s physical and mental state.

By attending to the patient’s regular, routine needs, none of them glamorous, the tech keeps an eye on intake and output, mood, pain level, and social support network.

Everything is documented in a patient’s chart as part of the patient’s continuum of care.

There should be no doubt that these technicians are a vital and valuable part of clinical operations before and after major procedures and medical interventions.

Without this extra set of eyes and hands, hospital stays would be more unpleasant and potentially more hazardous.

These professionals speed recovery and avoid complications by being where they are needed when they are needed and being attentive.

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