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Patient Care Technician Jobs

A patient care technician is responsible for monitoring the health and recovery of patients by interacting directly with them.

Their primary task is to record all vital health information, such as temperature and blood pressure readings and to collect blood and other biological samples from the patient.

Patient care technicians are also responsible for assisting patients in a wide variety of daily tasks.

For instance, they assist patients with routine tasks such as brushing teeth, taking a bath, walking, and eating.

In the case of patients who are bedridden or otherwise not able to move, patient care technicians are responsible for turning them regularly and ensuring that they are free from infections and other complications.

In many cases, they are also responsible for supporting the emotional wellbeing of patients as well.

Patient care technician jobs pay relatively well, with salaries starting at around $32,000 and rising to over $40,000 for those with the appropriate certifications and experience.

Patient care tech careers can be rewarding, especially for those with the sensitivity and the compassion to work directly with patients.

From a career advancement standpoint, patient care technicians can specialize in specific areas by acquiring the right training and certifications.

For example, patient care technicians are sometimes trained to deliver highly specialized assistance, during dialysis or in an intensive care setting, or even as qualified aides to nurses and other healthcare support staff.

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