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Patient Care Tech Salaries

Patient care technicians continue to be sought after in the health care field, as they work closely with various medical professionals, including doctors and nurses, to provide patient care.

Often, technicians will assist patients with tasks they no longer can do on their own, such as eating, getting out of bed or taking a bath.

A patient care technician can work in any number of health care facilities, from nursing homes to hospitals to rehabilitation clinics and job postings can be listed under a variety of titles, including certified nurse assistant and nurse’s aide.

The majority of patient care technician salaries fall within the range of $20,000 to $30,000 each year and some technicians may earn as much as $40,000.

Patient care technician income is based largely on the amount of experience the technician has in the field and at what type of facility they work.

The demand for patient care technicians continues to increase as the population in areas of the country grows older and families hire home health aides to avoid sending family members to nursing homes.

Additionally, because some facilities are in such need of technicians, they may even pay for the employee to earn certification. Though this may not add to income, it prevents certification or tuition costs from cutting into the technician’s earnings.

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