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Patient Care Technician Duties

The patient care technician is an integral member of the health care team.

Also known as nurse’s assistant, nursing aide or orderly, the patient care technician may work in doctor’s offices, hospitals, nursing homes or specialty centers such as physical therapy clinics.

Technicians work with nurses, doctors and other health care professionals like physical therapists, psychiatrists and radiologists.

Patient care technician duties include interacting with patients, taking vital signs and helping patients perform basic hygienic functions such as baths and grooming.

Patient interaction is an important aspect of the technician’s duties. In a doctor’s office, often he is the first member of the health care team encountered by a patient, and may take patient histories, temperature and weight.

The technician must have good listening skills and be perceptive in order to understand what a patient may be communicating and should be able to respond appropriately.

In a care facility, patient care technician duties include turning and repositioning a bed-ridden patient, responding to patient calls and assisting patients who need help walking or getting in and out of bed.

Other tasks may include feeding a patient who is unable to perform this task alone, changing bed pans, changing dressings and overseeing prescribed exercises.

The technician may also clean rooms, change bed linens and transport patients from hospital rooms to procedure rooms.

The technician must be able to perform heavy lifting and stand for extended periods of time without experiencing fatigue.

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